My name is Mike Wong and I am a photographer living in Zurich, Switzerland. I focus mainly on landscape, nature and outdoor photography.

It all started in 2013 when I did my first solo trip, two weeks by train through the southern part of Scandinavia. I bought a small compact camera because I wanted to take pictures as memories from the trip.
During the trip I realised that I enjoyed taking photos beyond the simple task of taking vacation memories. Back home after the trip I decided to buy myself an APS-C DSLR, which I later on upgraded to full frame as I felt the need for improved dynamic range and low light performance for night photography.

As I got into photography I noticed very early on that I didn’t like shooting street or portrait photography. I enjoyed the solitude and calmness that came with landscape photography. So at the same time as my interest in photography grew, so did my passion for nature.
Photography and nature have become inseparable to me. Hikes and overnight trips are planned with photography in mind, which often leads me away from the popular paths and destinations. My goal with my photographs is to present places that people usually don’t get to see. This is the main reason why I almost always stay on location over night. Normally, hikers ascend early in the day and leave before the sun sets. For us photographers, sunrise, sunset and night time are when the magic happens.

The fact that every place looks completely different at any time of the day, any time of the year is what inspires me the most. Broad daylight lets you see far away into the distance, golden hour casts long shadows and tints everything red and orange, while the night sky makes everything look as if time stood still. Summer has rivers flowing, leaves turn orange in autumn and winter covers everything in a thick layer of snow. These are the conditions that make my eyes shine.

For the last ten years I’ve been working as a software engineer and while it does pay my bills, it often leaves me yearning for some time in the mountains. Photography and outdoor activities help me balance my life between the daily office routine and my own personal enjoyment. Though it has to be said that being a full-time developer has helped me in Photography, as I sometimes create my own little tools that help me organize and plan upcoming photoshoots.

On this website I would like to present a selection of my own personal favorites that I have taken over the years. My hope is that these images can convey the same emotions that I had when I took them and inspire people to spend more time in nature. So please lean back and join me on my photographic journey.